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Rewmar is committed to providing cost effective wood flooring installation systems including the latest technology MS Polymer flexible wood flooring adhesive, liquid epoxy damp proof membranes, acoustic mat systems together with ancillary items for the successful installation of bonded solid and engineered wood flooring. Solid wood floors can now be successfully fixed to solid substrates such as concrete.

Modern installation methods are creating many more demands for fully bonded and acoustic mat system solid wood floor installations with some of the largest manufacturers of solid and engineered products recommending the use of flexible adhesive that will allow the wood floor to move as it contracts and expands. We at Rewmar have produced first class, high technology, materials that will allow the achievement of the successful installation without the high cost that is normally associated with fixing by these methods. The adhesive has now been modified to provide even faster and stronger bonding and has been packaged in more environmentally friendly format.

The MS adhesive is designed for use with all species and types of wood flooring and due to its waterproof qualities it helps provide an additional barrier to woods worst enemy, moisture. It can be used with underfloor heating systems or onto most solid substrates. We have taken note of the requirement to bring to the wood flooring market products that are both user and environmentally friendly and our low emission solvent and Isocyanate free flexible adhesive falls into the no-hazard labelling category, unlike the majority of other flexible adhesives.

Thanks to the universal application of this wood flooring adhesive there is now a product that will permit environmental and safety issues to be addressed without adding to the overall cost or compromising the quality of instalation projects. The product has been further enhanced to increase bond strength and speed of installation together with easier more environmentally friendly packaging.

We receive many calls from Architects and Contractors concerning the coverage of our adhesive and our estimate of 14 to 16m2 per 16Kg tub is the average coverage we would expect to achieve using a Rewmar 6mm V-notched trowel designed for solid wood installation. We have taken great care to ensure that the usage figures for our adhesive will be as accurate as possible, given the variable conditions of subfloors. In our view the coverage achievable should be a relevant factor in determining the true cost of the total installation as the more overstated the expected coverage the more expensive the total installation will eventually become. Waste from curing in the container is also a problem that has been addressed by the introduction of our adhesive and, providing the instructions are followed, it is possible to store the adhesive between jobs even though the container has been opened and part used. This of course helps with cost efficiency as cured adhesive and the waste created is a high cost for the contractor.

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