Rewmar MS polymer is a new generation of universal application flexible wood flooring adhesives produced by a market leading manufacturer to the highest specifications and is specifically designed to provide a product that is easy to use, is safe for the environment and the floor installer and, very importantly, takes away the worry as to whether the adhesive will stick down your particular species of wood. It can be used for all stick down applications and with all species and formats of wood so there is only one adhesive required in your stock room.
There are many flexible wood flooring adhesives available in the market and many of these are PU based. Generally speaking there is no saving in terms of cost in choosing the older technology PU products and there is certainly a benefit in terms of safety in the use of our MS adhesive. the following link will highlight the potential problems associated with PU adhesives. Safety sheet Sika PU

Rewmar flexible wood flooring adhesive is the latest technology adhesive that has been developed to comply with the strictest environmental criteria. It is solvent and isocyanate free with no components that require any hazard labeling, thereby making it one of the safest adhesive products for wood floor installation. Added to this the easy to work with properties and its ability to bond all species to almost any substrate and this adhesive is truly set apart from the old urethane technology products.

No. We have endeavored to bring this adhesive to you at prices comparable with the old technology urethane products which tend to be less cost effective due to wastage and difficulty in trowelling. This is a cost effective and easy to use product with virtually no waste.

Yes. There is no problem with this adhesive being used with underfloor heating systems. You will need to turn off the heating system during the wooden floor installation but apart from that the adhesive will work properly.

Yes you can use the adhesive but we would recommend that you apply the Rewmar MB prior to using the adhesive. This will form a barrier to any plasticiser migration that may affect the bond strength. Old asphalt floors will generally be fine without the barrier but we would still recommend the barrier to ensure the bond.

Yes. The adhesive works well on plywood and is certainly recommended for use on chipboard where nailing can cause the chipboard to blister and therefore not provide a solid fixing. The rewmar adhesive will provide a strong bond that will be flexible a thereby reduce the stresses applied to the chipboard base. The MS adhesive is also suitable for bonding solid wood floors to Tiles, Granite or Marble providing they are clean.

Our adhesive can be removed the following day by rubbing the adhesive off the wood flooring. If the product is allowed to stay on the wood floor for more than a day or so it will become very difficult to remove. However if you have left urethane adhesive overnight you will already know that you will have to remove it mechanically and if the floor is pre-finished this will usually mean sanding the entire floor.
You will also find that using our adhesive will mean that black dirty hands will be a thing of the past and you will also find that the actual application of the product is much easier.

A benefit of the MS Polymer technology is the ability to store the product not only overnight but also between jobs if the container is only part used. This does of course reduce the costs associate with having to throw away cured adhesive. Our new packaging brings the benefit of easily disposable, environmentally friendly packaging with the ability to easily store product between uses. Each box contains two 6kg bags so you will only have a small amount of opened product at any one time.

We have tried to give an as accurate as possible estimate for the coverage of the wood floor adhesive at 1000gm -1200gm per square metre when using a 6mm V Notch trowel. The coverage will be approximately 600gm to 800gm if using a 3mm V Notch trowel. We recommend the 6mm trowel for larger format solid wood floor installations. It is important to remember however when considering the coverage that this will very much be dependent upon the state of the substrate and also the way in which the product is applied.

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