New Labelling Regulations

New EU regulations have forced the hand of many manufacturers with regard to labelling certain PU adhesives as being potentially carcinogenic.

Because our products are sold to the public in addition to the professional users we have now had to introduce new labels for our P600 sausages to advise the user that there is a potential risk to health from using the product. Under the regulations we have also had to provide a pair of plastic gloves to be worn by the user during handling of the opened sausages and the application of the adhesive.

The labelling regulation only applies to use by non trade users, presumably on the basis that they will have read the relevant data sheets and material safety data sheets and will therefore be aware of the hazards. However, it has become clear to us that most users are oblivious to the regulations and the hazards presented by the products. We have chosen not to follow some other manufacturers in declaring the products ‘Trade Only’ because we realise that these PU adhesives and sealers are very likely to end up being used by the general public and with the relevant products clearly marked the users, both trade and public, can make an informed choice. Another major consideration when deciding to display the new labelling on our PU products is that it removes any legal responsibility our distributors have for ensuring that they comply with the regulations.

The product presents a relatively cheap flexible wood flooring adhesive and we will continue to make in available for the foreseeable future but we would always recommend the use of our slightly more expensive MS products as they provide a safer and much easier product to work with.

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