Rewmar 250 Accoustic Underlay 1m x 16.5m

Application: Rewmar 3mm Slotted Underlay is ideally suited where there is a requirement for sound reduction through the floor slab.

Dimensions: Rewmar 3mm Slotted Underlay is supplied as part of the Rewmar Acoustic System. It is available in roll size of 1m x 16.5m

Rewmar 250 Accoustic Underlay is a 3mm slotted acoustic mat for use with the MS650 sausages. The maximum load that the underlay can take is 250kg/m², and it can achieve a transmitted sound reduction of up to 19db.


  • Ensure that the subfloor is level.
  • Unroll the underlay at 90º to the direction of the flooring to be laid.
  • Butt the next row edge tightly to the first ensuring that they do not overlap and carefully tape the joints.
  • Using the Rewmar Bulk Gun apply the MS650 into the slots provided

Additional Information

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