Rewmar MB Epoxy DPM 2 x 4.8kg 15 – 20 m²

Pack Size: Each box contains total aggregate weight of 4.8kg (Part A + Part B)
Colour: Red/Grey
Pallet Qty: 18 Systems (18 Red, 18 Grey)
Coverage (1st coat): 14.4m² – 19.2m² (3 – 4m² per kg)
Coverage (2nd coat): 19.2m² – 24m² (4 – 5m² per kg)
Application Method: Squeegee or Roller
Open working time: 40 – 50 minutes (@ 15ºC)
Drying time: 8 – 15 hours (2nd coat must be applied within 24hrs of 1st coat)
Unopened Shelf Life: 12 months

Rewmar MB is a two part, two coat epoxy liquid DPM that will work with screeds up to 98% RH. It is available in Red & Grey for ease of application. One 4.8kg pack will cover 14.4 – 19.2m² on a first coat application and 19.2m² – 24m² on a second coat application. It can be used as a primer when the moisture content is below 5% (only one coat), and as DPM when it is over 5% MC and up to 98%RH (two coats are required).


Rewmar Epoxy DPM System is a two part, two coat, epoxy damp proof membrane. It is designed to work on all sand / cement screeds with a maximum relative humidity of 98%. It is available in two colours for ease of application. It can be used as a primer if the moisture content of the screed does not exceed 5% (one coat only) or as a liquid DPM (2 coats required).

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows early laying of floor covering
  • Inhibits water vapour transmission and isolates moisture
  • Will cover ‘green’ concrete
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