Water resistant chipboard and adhesive

I read an interesting article in the trade press recently concerning uneven sub floors and floating floors and was amazed to read that many new builds have ‘moist-repellent (sic) chipboard onto which NONE of the modern adhesives will bond’.

This is the kind of statement we encounter, sometimes from people who claim to be experts, as in this case, and we have to ask ‘ where have you been and what adhesives have you tried’? Having been pointed to a few DIY type forums we see that this statement came from an advocate of ‘floating solid wood flooring’ which, as any professional installer will know, is not a good idea so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised.

For the avoidance of any doubt we can confirm that our MS Polymer adhesive, and i expect many other similar products, will form a strong bond with moisture repellent chipboard. We actually recommend bonding with our MS Polymer adhesive to chipboard in preference to nailing, as nailing can cause the chipboard to blister when the nail is driven in leaving the nail loose and consequently becoming the cause of loose flooring and irritating squeaks. Floors bonded with a flexible adhesive will give a stronger fix without causing damage to the chipboard base.

Please, before any installers write to say that the main cause of squeaks is loose fixing of the chipboard to joists etc. I must assume that the boards are firmly fixed and checked prior to the wood flooring installation .

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